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The most common symptom of cancer of the uterus is unusual vaginal bleeding. This may include: A less common symptom is a smelly, watery vaginal discharge. In. Endometrial Cancer Symptoms · Bleeding or discharge not related to your periods (menstruation) — over 90 percent of women diagnosed with endometrial cancer have. What Are the Symptoms of Endometrial Cancer? · Abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge, which occurs in nine out of 10 women with endometrial cancer. · Vaginal.

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Endometrial cancer symptoms vary person to person. 1. Unusual bleeding 2. Abnormal vaginal discharge 3. Pelvic pain or pressure 4. Unexplained weight loss. What Are the Early Signs of Uterine Cancer? · Unusual vaginal discharge that does not have signs of blood. It may be watery, pink or white. · Difficult urination. periods that are heavier than usual; vaginal bleeding in between normal periods. Less common symptoms include pain in the lower abdomen (tummy) and pain during.

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Symptoms of uterine cancer include unusual vaginal discharge and feeling of pressure in the pelvis, back or legs. Learn about symptoms of uterine cancer. Main symptoms of womb cancer · bleeding or spotting from the vagina after the menopause · heavy periods from your vagina that is unusual for you · vaginal bleeding. Symptoms · Abnormal vaginal discharge · Irregular bleeding around the menopause transition · Pelvic pain · Urinary symptoms, such as urgency or frequency.