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Enjoy our fast ferry from U.S. (Fort Lauderdale) to Grand Bahama and Bimini. Check our offers and discounts. Welcome aboard! To Bimini from FLL or Miami it is 45 miles. Your problem is more weather and seas in the gulfstream. Nassau is miles. The Mut does that averaging 25 mph but. Heading back to Bimini, the boats depart from Miami. Upon arrival at Freeport or Bimini, you will enjoy around 6 hours of free time to discover the Bahamas.

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The Bahamas offers experiences for boat sailing vacations in the world that are too good to be true. Our 3-day special offer or daily tour. Traveling from Miami to Bahamas by boat is a more challenging crossing, and it is not recommended to be your first one. While it is just over only $ Call today to start your one day cruise to the Bahamas and be back to work the next day. Leaves from Fort Lauderdale. taxes not incl.

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Day Trip to the Bahamas Whether by boat or plane,. Less expensive usually translates to a laid-back but yet vibrant sense of Bahamian life. Cruises are a. Ferry sail durations on this ferry route can take between 2 hours, to 2 hours and 40 minutes, to 3 hours, and this variation is down to numerous reasons, such. FERRY FROM MIAMI TO BIMINI BAHAMAS With a FREE Bike rental in South Beach This modern, comfortable foot craft will whisk you away from Miami to Bimini.