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The Biometric Health Screening is used to measure factors of your health such as: Body Fat Percent; BMI or Body Mass Index; Blood Pressure; Heart Rate. Our health screenings come with detailed aggregate results reporting, ensuring employees' privacy. Learn more about our biometric screening services. Health Screening Results Interpretation A biometric screening test typically measures numbers for: What Biometric Numbers do You Need to Know?

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A biometric screening is a quick procedure performed at a regulated healthcare organization in order to obtain data on your current health level statistics. Biometric health screenings are an important component of a comprehensive health management program. Health screenings help employees learn about their. A biometric screening is a short health examination that can help to determine the risk level of a person for certain diseases and medical conditions and.

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Getting and staying healthy starts with knowing your body's biometric numbers. Biometric health screenings include height, weight, blood pressure, and other. During the biometric health screening clinic, employees meet with a Registered Nurse. The nurse will take blood pressure, perform a finger prick blood analysis. Onsite biometric screenings are a valuable first step toward driving your employees to take charge of their health. We help people understand their health.